Samaritan House currently has a waiting list of over

ONE HUNDRED TWENTY HUMAN BEINGS.   We have dozens of children included on that list. This is a tragedy for those we are unable to serve and our community.  Now that winter is upon us and the temperatures are dropping this becomes a health risk.

Samaritan House has opened a cold weather shelter on Friday and Saturday nights. Our goal is to alleviate having to sleep outside or in an automobile. We want people to be warm and safe. This additional shelter is being staffed by a volunteer as we work toward a permanent plan. Two nights a week is helpful but the need for shelter every night is paramount. We will also be handing out warm clothing for those who need these items. Thank you to our friends for the donations which have allowed to recylcle these gently used items. 

For those of us with a home so many things are taken for granted. Do we really give a second thought to what it might be like if we did not have the basics such as food, clothing, access to bathing and shelter? It is impossible to comprehend all aspects of homelessness until you see it daily or have been homeless yourself. The emotional and physical toll can be damning.

Every client we serve has something to offer, something important to contribute to our community. This can be easily overlooked when judgement is passed or we make assumptions. These are people, just people like the rest of us. We all have our triumphs and tribulations and the homeless population is no different.


Sometimes it is about the gratitude, not the magnitude… 

Please consider a tax deductible donation to our program so we can continue to provide additional access and support to our guests. Simply hit the donate button at the top of our page.


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